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Find your perfect gift at Zayas Jewelers of Woodstock, VT.  Featuring exclusive designs, expert appraisals and superior service.

Polo Bracelet

Polo Bracelet

Equestrian Themed, "Polo" Bracelet

14 Karat Yellow Gold Reverse Crystal Intaglio Bracelet
With 3 Rock Crystal Quartz, Length 7.75 inches. Price: $3750.00

A bit about Reverse Crystal Intaglio
Excerpted with permission from:
“Little Beauties” The Story of Reverse Intaglio Crystals
Roger Widener & Thomas Walter

The precise physical process of the reverse carved intaglio crystal is a long and tedious one.  Rock crystal mined in Brazil and Madagascar is cut with diamond saws and then ground to the perfect cabochon.  This procedure could take as many as twenty different grades of polish, and the entire process is done by hand.  Once the stone is shaped, the design is drawn on the reverse side of the crystal with water color.  The image is then etched into the piece of stone with a scribe pencil. 

            The engraving begins with handmade soft steel tools.  As many as 250 of these tools may be used to execute this process.  The crystal is carved with a paste made from a combination of oil and diamond dust.  When the image has been completed to the artist’s satisfaction, he begins painting the crystal.  Just as in the carving phase, the painting is done in reverse.  Sometimes the brushes that are used have only a single hair.